Sunday, May 17, 2009

Know your Neighbor..

Community watch programs
The creation of a joint community watch program is aimed at beefing up communication between current community watch groups.

The program's creator, said he hoped the group will help bridge the gaps between neighborhoods.

"I've headed up the community watch for just over a year now, and have had the opportunity to see how neighbors can successfully work together to reduce the criminal activity,The one gaping hole that I've noticed is that a line of communication between the various watches is virtually nonexistent. There is a clear opportunity to take our fight against crime one step further, and I believe the Community Watch is that answer."

Family abductions: The DOJ study estimates that 203,900 children are abducted by a family member.

Nonfamily abductions: An estimated 58,200 children are abducted by a nonfamily perpetrator. On July 15, 2002, Samantha Runnion was kidnapped outside her home by a man she did not know who claimed to be looking for a lost dog.

So, have abductions by strangers increased or decreased? The DOJ study finds:"No scientific basis exists to conclude that there has been a true decline — although it is possible. On the other hand, NISMART–2 results do not indicate an increase in abductions by strangers."

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Don't let this happen to your neighbor

People always say he was always a nice guy well he was. Very helpfully he would help me carry groceries up the stairs if I had to, very polite,” she said. But court records paint another picture. Documents show Louis Ayala served 16 years behind bars for first degree robbery and was on parole until three years ago. Court records also show Annette Ayala had filed several restraining orders against her husband in the past two years. One of them reads Louis Ayala, who is Annette Ayala's husband, suffocated her two times. Annette was able to get away. Annette is in fear Louis will come back and harm her again. But neighbors tell us the couple moved in to the apartment together about one year ago. Neighbors say while they had heard the couple screaming and fighting, they never expected this. If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic violence... you can get help. You can call the Alliance Against Family Violence and Sexual Assault